Skilled Nursing Facilities Attorney

Over the past decade, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Nursing Homes have been under intense scrutiny.  Audits, license actions and citations have become more common.  Our  Skilled Nursing Facility Attorneys can guide you through the process and procedures necessary to protect your facility.

Audit & Compliance Issues

Most skilled nursing facilities, urgent care clinics, and health facilities face audits and compliance issues at some point.  However, the need for thorough and professional representation during these audits and compliance issues makes all the difference.  Metropolitan Law Group works with a number of industry professionals, accountants and advisers to insure that audits and compliance visits are conducted fairly.

Civil Litigation

Unfortunately, many healthcare facilities, skilled nursing facilities and urgent care centers are the targets of lawsuits.  Plaintiff's attorneys view healthcare providers as deep pockets, and will file nuisance suits to make quick money.  Our firm has significant trial and litigation experience, and can aggressively defend against wasteful claims.

Regulatory Defense

With so many regulations, many facilities have a full time regulatory compliance manager.  Our firm offers those services to assist facilities in complying with HIPAA, HITECH, CMS, Stark Law and the Anti-Kickback laws, DEA regulations and FDA regulations.  Our healthcare attorneys can help your facility evaluate current procedures and identify potential problem areas to correct.  Contact us today to learn more.


Since 2012, our firm has maintained a business-first approach to our clients and our representation.  All of our clients are involved in professional practice, or in the operation of a business.  Typically, we are retained to solve a problem that threatens a practice's profitability.  It would be counter productive to create new problems for the company by over-billing our clients, creating unnecessary litigation, or otherwise losing sight of our purpose: problem solving.

Why Us?

There are many law firms, but few match our integrity, creativity and persistence.  Metropolitan Law Group has trial and litigation experience in State and Federal Courts, having argued cases before the Federal Circuit Courts of Appeals, and conducted a number of lawsuits at the lower levels.

We also have considerable experience in administrative law and arbitration.  Accordingly, your case or legal matter will be handled with great care and experience.  Our fees and costs are reasonable, and our focus is on resolving the legal problems, not billing our hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skilled Nursing Facilities Are Frequent Targets

That's why you need a team that's not afraid of complicated cases.  Metropolitan Law Group's attorneys have handled all types of cases.


Administrative Cases Handled


Federal Lawsuits Prosecuted or Defended


Trials, Evidentiary Hearings and Dispositive Motion Hearings

"Health policies and laws have a strong and lasting effect on our quality of life as individuals, and on our safety and welfare as a nation."

― Joel Teitelbaum