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Every business, regardless of size, faces legal challenges. Whether those challenges are contract disputes, real estate agreement issues, litigation or regulation, we’re here to help. At Metropolitan Law Group, it’s our job to remove the stresses of legal compliance and litigation from the day to day operations of your company. Our business law firm provides personal and individualized representation to company on your schedule

Our Tampa business lawyers have experience in a range of different litigation and contract matters. However, our first consideration is always the business impacts of litigation and contracts. Finding alternative solutions to legal problems often saves time and money. However, for matters that necessarily involve litigation, our attorneys have extensive trial and courtroom experience. We have been proud to represent clients in state and federal courts, appeals courts and before the Florida and United States Supreme Court. Whatever your business matter is, our firm is equipped to handle it.

A Business Law Firm

Founded in the Tampa Bay Area by Managing Partner Andrew Tapp in 2012, our firm has worked for a number of local and national companies. The first and foremost consideration for any advice that our attorneys offer is the health of your business. Sometimes this impacts how our contracts and agreements are designed, other times it impacts our advice regarding pending and potential litigation. We have found that a careful and considered approach to disputes minimizes negative impacts on businesses and frees up owners and managers to focus on the day to day operations of their business without concern for how a pending dispute is being handled.

Small Business Lawyers in Tampa

New businesses need to be set up correctly to prevent big problems later. Operating Agreements, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation or Organization are documents that nearly all companies need. However, if they’re not setup correctly, owners and partners could be left exposed to lawsuits and other liabilities. Our small business lawyers in Tampa help business owners every day with legal issues like: business formation, intellectual property protections, and employment agreements. We also engage in business counseling in Tampa, Florida, and throughout the state.

Our Business Law Practice Areas

We handle business needs of every company from its inception, through its growth and into its legacy years. Whether you need an employment law attorney, a complex business litigation lawyer, or a general corporate counsel, we’ve got you covered:

Commercial & Business Litigation

Though always an avenue of last resort, sometimes it’s necessary to engage in litigation. Our firm handles business lawsuits in a number of different areas, including: breach of contract; trade secret protection; copyright and trademark infringement litigation; complex business litigation; and regulatory disputes with the state or federal government. Our business attorneys have also represented companies in real estate and construction matters.

Contract Drafting and Review

The very core of every business is the promises and agreements under which it operates. That’s why your contracts, bid proposals, invoices and terms of service need to be well drafted and reviewed. If you haven’t had an attorney review the documents that are vital to your company’s success, then you might be bound for lawsuits and collection troubles.

Florida Corporate Counsel

Our firm advises out-of-state businesses on operations and law within the State of Florida. We act as local counsel and offer pro hac vice services to attorneys for companies and firms that are out of state. We also act as outside counsel for Florida businesses that prefer not to maintain a general counsel’s office.

Business and Corporate Formation

What corporate entity is right for your new business? Our business attorneys can help you evaluate your needs to select which of the Florida business organizations fits your goals and needs. From drafting operating agreements and bylaws, to setting up employment contracts and non-competes, our firm can lawyers can set your company on the path to success.

Employment Law

Our firm represents businesses in employment law disputes. Whether your company is involved in Fair Labor Standards and Practices lawsuits, or is developing new positions and policies, we have the experience to protect your company.

Metropolitan Law Group ǀ Civil Litigation Attorney

Andrew Z. Tapp is the founder and managing partner of Metropolitan Law Group. Since 2012, Mr. Tapp has provided clients with realistic and pratcial legal counseling to clients across multiple business verticals and industries. This empowers clients to make important decisions about their cases, including the difficult decision of pursuing litigation.

Metropolitan Law Group is here to help. Call us at (833) 762-7529 or use our contact form to discuss your case with an experienced Tampa civil lawyer. During your free consultation Mr. Tapp will help you understand your legal options and advise on the best course of action.

Metropolitan Law Group represents clients throughout the United States and Florida.

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