Commercial Real Estate Lawyers:

Zoning Laws, Land Use, Permitting and Environmental Law.  Solutions for your commercial real estate problems on an expedited time frame.

Development, Land Use and Zoning Issues

Commercial real estate projects involve a significant amount of time and money.  Nothing can be more frustrating than a project sitting idle waiting for the red tape to clear.  That's why our land use lawyers focus on expedited representation.  We focus on a smaller volume of clients and cases to make certain that each project is completed quickly and correctly.

We have experience handling zoning ordinances and regulations from city, county, state and federal authorities.  Whether your issue is environmental impact or rezoning to multi-unit properties, our attorneys will advise you in the most efficient ways to move forward.  We also provide legal advice prior to making real estate purchases or investments, giving you peace of mind prior to committing capital.

Zoning Laws and Representation

Florida has a variety of wonderful natural resources and real estate opportunities.  However, when it comes to development or redevelopment, gaining permission from the city or county to proceed with your project may take time and effort.  Our attorneys can help your project clear wetlands permits, dredge and fill, and a number of other zoning and use issues such as:

  • Mixed Use Zoning

    Modern property development in Florida involves several elements.  Often, these projects contain both commercial and residential space.  This is more common in redevelopment projects, but requires careful attention.

  • Commercial Zoning

    Conversion of empty or improperly zoned land to a commercial district needs to be done correctly.  Whether your property is zoned as commercial-neighborhood, commercial-general, or commercial-intensive, there are a number of requirements and variances that may be necessary to gain approval.  We can advise you on what exactly you need to qualify, and how we avoid problems.

  • Residential

    Projects which convert single family parcels to multi-family unit require a thorough presentation to receive approval.  That's why our attorneys spend extra time ironing out the details and anticipating problems.

Land Use Attorneys

Land use attorneys are utilized in large property development projects.  Questions about whether or not development codes, environmental concerns, drainage, traffic and access plans, and other laws are going to impact a project should be evaluated early in a project. 

Our lawyers can help you navigate each of these issues to help determine what is possible and feasible for a given project.  Thorough presentations and regular meetings to oversee projects, with dedicated attention to detail, can provide you with the information you need to make the best use of your project.  

Whether your project is residential, industrial, commercial or office space, we have the knowledge to answer your questions quickly and correctly.

Our Firm, Our Philosphy

Metropolitan Law Group was founded in 2012 in Tampa, Florida.  Our firm focuses on niche representation of commercial entities across the United States in government regulatory matters.  We pride ourselves on having a keen business sense when providing legal counsel.  A thorough analysis of the law, regulatory processes, and relationships with administrators help us to both shape policy and provide our clients with detailed strategies.

Personal representation and relationships are important to us.  Each of our clients has access to our attorneys for holiday and after hour contact when the circumstances call for it.  Furthermore, we are proud to have a considerable number of repeat clients who take advantage of our contract negotiation, litigation and lobbying efforts.  We have represented clients in matters before county courts and municiple boards, up to the United States Supreme Court.  Our attorneys are licensed to practice in federal courts across the country, as well as state courts in Florida and New York.

We also pride ourselves on innovation.  We make use of secure digital communication, meetings at your convenience and at your place of business, and simple and straightforward billing processes.  Consultations are available daily.